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Let Your Jungle

Grow beautiful houseplants. Simple. Safe. Organic.

Introducing Home Jungle

Houseplants need a healthy ecosystem to live their best lives.
Home Jungle makes it easy to give your plants what they truly need to thrive.

About Home Jungle

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Regenerate the soil in your pot.

Replenish your dirt with rich, microbially abundant organic nutrients. All plants rely on a symbiotic relationship with their soil to optimize nutrient and water uptake. Every shake of Living Soil will ensure that your plant's roots are surrounded by the best soil possible.

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Transform your tap water.

Turn tap water into a nourishing meal for you plants. In nature, forest groundwater breaks down organic matter, carrying minerals and micronutrients that plants crave. Home Jungle Superfood is designed to break down in the same way, giving your plants the balanced meal they need to thrive.

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Love your leaves.

Plants absorb nutrients through small pores called stomata... we nerd out on this stuff. Foliar feeding with Canopy Mist sends nutrients from the leaves all the way down to the roots, encouraging water flow and nutrient circulation.

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Avoid toxic chemicals in your home.

Home Jungle's organic nutrient sources are naturally slow release through microbial metabolism, providing long lasting full-spectrum plant nutrition without the risk of chemical burn. Home Jungle is impossible to over apply. It's 100% safe plant nutrition.

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