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Nutrient-rich superfood that restores plant health and enhances growth. Turn tapwater into the perfect meal.

for all houseplants

Watering your plants is important, but plain water alone isn’t enough. Houseplant Superfood transforms your tap water, creating a nourishing meal for your entire plant.

  • Houseplant Superfood is an all inclusive balanced nutrient source for your plants. It provides all major and minor minerals for healthy growth.
  • From the day we bring new houseplants home, their soil is being depleted of minerals. As plants grow they consume minerals in their pots, and over time they start to run out of food.
  • Houseplant Superfood is meant to replenish the nutrient stores to your soil, and even help the soil to become more rich over time. It is made of all organic certified inputs and is safe around kids, and pets. In addition, it is not harsh like other chemical fertilizers, and it won’t burn plants.
  • You’ll see more lush growth, better resilience to stressors, and generally happier plants!

What To Know

  • Watering

    Nutrition for healthy plants

    Turn tapwater into a nourishing meal

  • Safe for Pets

    Safe for home & pets

    Non-toxic for indoor use and impossible to over apply

  • Organic

    100% Organic

    Crafted from organic and sustainable ingredients

How It Works


Houseplant Superfood is an all inclusive balanced nutrient source for your plants. It provides all major and minor minerals for healthy growth.

How much to use

Add two pumps of Houseplant Superfood per liter or quart of feed water. We recommend watering your plants only when they need water. The best way to test this is to either lift the pot to see if it is heavy or light or to push your finger into the soil about 1-1.5" deep to see if it is dry.

Where to use

When plants need water, add two pumps of Plant Nutrients per liter to feed water and evenly water your soil until slight runoff.

When to apply

When plants are growing more quickly during Spring and Summer or on vigorous plants, add Houseplant Superfood to your feed water once weekly.
When plants growth slows down during Fall and Spring or on sensitive/slower growing plants, add Houseplant Superfood to your feed water twice monthly.

Types of plants

Plant Nutrients is very gentle and can not burn plants. It is great for all plants including edibles and sensitive plants. That said, sensitive plants need slightly more of a mindful eye to know when they need to be watered. In general, for sensitive and slower growing plants we recommend watering less often.

Examples of sensitive plants can include: Orchids, Cactus, Air Plants, Succulents, Jade, Aloe, Bonsai, etc. Also, for really fast growing or fruiting plants like tomatoes/peppers, we recommend doubling the dose to four pumps per liter.

Guaranteed analysis

Houseplant Superfood is made of all organic certified ingredients: Ascophyllum nodosum (seaweed extract), molasses, corn steep liquor, and epsom salt (magnesium sulfate).

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Turn your tapwater into the perfect meal. Nutrient-rich Superfood restores plant health and enhances growth.

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Product Feed Chart

Feed Chart

When to use: Add superfood to your tapwater when you water your houseplants.

How much to use: Pump superfood directly into your watering can. Add 2 pumps per quart of tap water. Tip: Add superfood, then tapwater, and it autmatically mixes in. It's organic, non-toxic and safe for indoor use.

Need a watering tip? To avoid overwatering your plants, only water when soil is dry. Poke your finger 2-3 inches into the soil to check for moisture.

What's Being Said

Urban Jungle BlogRatings

"Ideal for anyone, from beginner green thumbs to plant pros. Home Jungle recreates a plant’s natural environment right in its pot. Nourish houseplants year-round without the toxic chemicals found in traditional fertilizer. "


"This nutrition system is foolproof and chemical-free. It contributes to all aspects of healthy plant growth. All ingredients are naturally sourced and safe for home use."

Melissa @ "Look What Mom Found"Ratings

"The team of botanists and plant chemists at Bloom City have created a fundamentally better way to care for your plants. It's plant health without fertilizers. There's no synthetic or chemical materials. Safe around kids, pets and edible plants. "

The Daily RecordRatings

"Home Jungle is compact and convenient, designed to be used and stored inside the home. It provides a well-rounded, holistic treatment to give plants the happiest and healthiest life possible."