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Grow the Love

Better for plants. Better for you. Better for the planet.

Our Method

We're a small group of botanists and plant chemists creating sustainable nutrients, made in America.
We believe we can love our plants while loving the planet too.

Fertilizer can be bad. We're different.

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We creatively and sustainably source our ingredients.

Our fertilizers are sustainably crafted and sourced in America. We take great care to gather as many ingredients as possible from certified organic plant and aquatic sources. Nutrient-dense wild-harvested Atlantic kelp, sustainable fish bone meal from the Pacific Northwest, and potassium from solar evaporation rather than industrially mined are a few ways we do it different.

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We're not Big Ag.

We're a small team of professional botanists and plant chemists with different values and motivations from global fortune 500 companies. Our goal is to give conscientious growers a way to leave behind the confusing, dirty world of Big Ag fertilizers for clean and simple growing methods. Our formulations are better for plants, better for you, and better for the planet.

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We love big yields.

No need to sacrifice performance at the altar of sustainable and organic ideals. Many brands commonly add low quality byproducts and non-nutritious plant matter as bottle filler that do little to aid plant health. Bloom City's proprietary formulations and probiotics maximize the nutritional benefits and mineral bio-availability to your crop without relying on harsh chemical additives. This unique combination generates bountiful yields of the highest quality product, all from clean and organic nutrient sources.

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We keep it simple and safe.

Fertilizer companies have not evolved in years, sticking to a handful of poisonous and environmentally harmful chemicals to provide the plant nutrients used today. Not ideal when growing something you plan to consume. Bloom City's nutrient systems are everything a Craft Grower needs to achieve big, clean blooms while maintaining a safe growing space.