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Common Questions

Where is Bloom City located?

We produce and ship from our headquarters in Seattle.

Where are Bloom City products sourced?

Our fertilizers are sustainably crafted and sourced in America, with exception of a specific kelp that we source from South Africa. We take great care to gather as many ingredients as possible from certified organic plant and aquatic sources. From nutrient-dense wild-harvested Atlantic kle to sustainable fish from the pacific Northwest.

Are Bloom City products organic?

At Bloom City we are striving to make more and more organic versions of fertilizer and we use organic materials any chance that they are sustainable and an effective replacement.

What to avoid with Bloom City products?

Avoid sunlight and heat as Bloom City products can degrade when over exposed.

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Cal-Mag UltraPure

What does Cal-Mag do?

Bloom City’s Cal-Mag formulation contains calcium, magnesium, and a wide array of micro-nutrients. Using 100% organic fluvic acid to naturally chelate minerals results in compounds that plants absorb easily and quickly. Cal-Mag improves stalk and leaf growth and prevents common deficiencies. Fully compatible with all growth mediums and can even be applied as a foliar spray for rapid uptake. Add Cal-Mag to every watering for a lush green canopy.

What’s the difference between this and other Cal-Mag products?

Other brands are often filled with diluted industrial-grade chemicals. Bloom City’s approach sources only the highest grade minerals and plant nutrients to ensure the highest bioavailability possible and healthy plant growth. Bloom City Cal-Mag is rich in the widest array of micronutrients on the market, including magnesium, boron, copper, iron, manganese, and zinc. We are the only brand that is fully and organically chelated for superior uptake and bioavailability.

What is Cal-Mag made of?

Bloom City’s Cal-Mag formulation contains calcium nitrate, magnesium nitrate, and a wide array of micro-nutrients. Using 100% organic fluvic acid to naturally chelate minerals results in compounds that plants absorb easily and quickly. Cal-Mag improves stalk and leaf growth and prevents common deficiencies. Fully compatible with all growth mediums and can even be applied as a foliar spray for rapid uptake.

Can I add Bloom City Cal-Mag to other fertilizers in the same feeding or watering?

Yes, Bloom City Cal-Mag is 100% compatible with other fertilizers, you can add it at the recommended dose to your normal feeding regimen.

Should I use Cal-Mag with coco coir based growth mediums?

Yes, Cal-Mag should be used frequently with coco coir based mediums. Coco coir has a tendency to remove calcium and magnesium from feed water, so using the higher end of the dosing spectrum is best for this medium.

Can Cal-Mag be used in hydroponic systems?

Yes, it was designed to be used in either soil or hydro systems. The 100% organic acid binding complex helps Bloom City Cal-Mag stay stable and effective in a hydro system.

Can Cal-Mag be used as a foliar spray?

Yes, the high purity calcium and magnesium sources will quickly correct deficiencies during the vegetative stage of growth. Use at the rate of 5 mL per gallon of water, no more than twice per week.


What does CleanKelp do?

Bloom City’s CleanKelp formulation contains seven species of wild harvested sea plants that are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and naturally occurring plant growth hormones. CleanKelp improves root and stem growth, relieves heat and drought stress, and combats predators to ensure plants grow vigorously. Simply put, CleanKelp makes plants happy and healthy. You can add CleanKelp to your everyday watering routine or use it for root dips, foliar sprays, and compost teas. Bloom City’s proprietary extraction methods are gentle and maximize the nutritional benefits of wild sea plants. CleanKelp is rich in naturally occurring enzymes, amino acids, sugars, minerals, growth hormones and macronutrients.

Where does CleanKelp come from?

We are proud to feature the most nutrient-dense kelp in the world, sustainably grown and processed in the Northeastern United States since the 1970s.

How concentrated is CleanKelp?

Our kelp is rich in trace minerals and amino acids, and provides over 100 compounds that benefit plant and soil health. Scientific analyses have shown that our kelp contains significantly higher amounts of biotin, beta-carotene, and alpha-tocopherol than any other kelp tested.

Why is CleanKelp more clear than other kelp?

To make CleanKelp we developed a set of proprietary extraction techniques, meant to extract only the most critical components of the sea plants. In this process, the highest concentration of nutritional components is extracted and the non-nutritious fiber is left behind (don’t worry, we compost it!). Other kelps that are commonly sold still have all that pulpy fiber left in them - which makes them thick and brownish green, so most of what you buy is actually just filler material.

What’s the difference between this and other kelp products?

Most kelp extracts on the market are simply ground up seaweed. Which is….ok. 90% of the seaweed plant is non-nutritious fibrous material, and the real benefit to your plants comes from the organic acids and natural hormones contained within those fibers. We cut out all that filler and bottle just the best parts of the extract to give you more bang for your buck and more nutrition for your plant. CleanKelp also contains multiple species of specially selected and extracted sea plants, unlike most other kelps which have just one. What this means is this kelp has an incredibly rich variety of organic acids and natural hormone

Can CleanKelp be used in hydroponic systems?

Yes, in fact it’s the best kelp on the market for hydro and aquaponic systems. This is due to the high potency and clean filler-free formulation.

Liquid Humic Soil Replenisher

What is the percentage of Humic Acid?

The actual filtered humic content is guaranteed at 2% by weight, however due to our proprietary processing techniques, that is a very high number. We extract, micronize, grind, and filter through a four stage process. What this ensures is that this Liquid Humic product has the most available humic and fluvic particles per ounce of any on the market. This formula also contains proprietary plant extracts to help build soil microbiology.

What is the source of Humic Acid?

Liquid Humic Acid is a freshwater humic sourced from the Northern US and Southern Canada, we process it at our facility in Seattle.

How much area does one ounce of Humic Acid concentrate cover?

One to two ounces of Humic for 500sf once to twice monthly.

What is the shelf life of Humic Acid?

Liquid Humid and all Bloom City products are guaranteed for 12 months from the purchase date. However, almost all of our products last much much longer. Liquid Humic is pH stabilized with organic citric acid, so assuming the temperature is below 85F and it's stored out of direct sunlight, then it should last more than 5 years.

pH Up + pH Down

What does pH Up do?

Bloom City pH Up is a strong pH adjusting base that helps the home grower maintain optimal pH levels. Formulated with the highest grade pH adjusting formula. Bloom City’s pH Up formulation contains a strong and stable base complex. pH Up increases feed water pH to keep root systems and soil balanced.

What does pH Down do?

Bloom City pH Down is a strong pH adjusting acid that helps the home grower maintain optimal pH levels. Formulated with the highest grade pH adjusting formula. Bloom City’s pH Down formulation contains a strong and stable acid complex. pH Down decreases feed water pH to keep root systems and soil balanced.

What’s the difference between pH Up and other pH products?

Other pH adjusting brands use low grade industrial chemicals, which are not designed for plants and break down in watering reservoirs. Bloom City’s pH Up is strong and stable, which means your feed water will hold pH all the way into the root zone. Bring more predictability and consistency to your grow with our premium PH Up formulation.

What pH should I feed my plants?

Plants absorb minerals best at a pH range of 5.5-6.5. When you water your plants, if you adjust your pH accordingly you will have increased mineral uptake.

Silica Boost

What does Silica Boost do?

Bloom City’s Silica Boost formulation delivers water-soluble silica directly to the plant’s roots. It improves heat and drought tolerance, increases resistance to environmental and pathogen stressors, and improves water uptake in the root zone. Silica Boost builds strong plant cells and increases growth. Add Silica Boost to every watering to keep plants healthy.

What’s the difference between this and other Silica products?

Other brands use un-available forms of silica, which will sit locked-up in your root-zone for weeks before roots can breakdown the minerals for uptake. Slow uptake times mean much less effective results. Bloom City’s proprietary 100% organic acid complexed Silica Boost increases bioactivation, which means much faster uptake times and stronger plants.

How long does this silica take to break down?

Silica Boost is already in a bioavailable form and is 100% water-soluble. Unlike other forms of silica, our product is fully available to plants immediately when you apply it.

Can I use Silica Boost with other nutrients?

Yes, Silica Boost can be used with most other nutrients, it is best applied to feed water before adding other nutrients. If you are unsure of compatibility, you can feed silica with plain water during a watering when you are not adding other nutrients.

Supergreen Foliar Spray

What is the NPK rating of Foliar Spray?

There is trace NPK from the plant extracts and amino acids but the official NPK is 0-0-0, .1% chelated magnesium is the only mineral guaranteed. This foliar spray is full of active compounds from plant extracts and is not meant as a mineral source for your plants, if you are looking for a mineral source foliar spray please check out Cal-Mag or Silica Boost.

Is Foliar Spray a good choice for feeding Airplants?

Yes, absolutely. Air plants need fewer minerals etc. than rooted plants, so please cut the use rate in half. Also, we would recommend only foliar feeding once to twice per month.

Can Foliar Spray be used with vegetables and seed starts?

Absolutely! Once sprouted and the little leaves are showing, SuperGreen Foliar is great to spray on little plants. We'd recommend using the low dose on the bottle to start and as they grow increasing the dosage.

Supermicrobe Root Stimulator

How does Root Stimulator work?

Root Stimulator is great for promoting root growth on plants. Once initial roots have sprouted on seeds or cuttings you can use this product from veg through bloom. Contains many bacteria and mycorrhizae as well as all nutritional building blocks for healthy roots!

Can you use Root Stimulator with other brands nutrients?

Absolutely, a great combo. You can use it at the recommended dosage on the bottle and you can mix it directly into your feed water. We don't recommend mixing in concentrate with other nutrients.

What is the difference between Worm Tea and Root Stimulator?

Worm Tea is a concentrated microbial compost tea for soil health and plant uptake, Root Stimulator is a dedicated rooting formula with nitrogen and phosphorous as well as additional microbes and mycorrhizae. They work great together.

Can Root Stimulator be used with seeds?

This rooting formula is best to use once seeds have popped and some roots are showing.

Root Stimulator contains Salmon, does it smell bad?

Sorry for the bad smell, but some of the best organic things for plants are very smelly! The bad smell comes from a compost of fish, worm castings, and kelp that is all digested in our facility in Seattle. This smelly process makes the most bioavailable and comprehensive organic rooting system around.

Wild Alaskan Fish Fertilizer

Where is the fish sourced for Wild Alaskan Salmon?

Our Salmon Fertilizer is sourced from sustainable fisheries in Alaska, primarily from Sockeye and King. It is made from by catch and is a great way to complete the nutrient cycle, from land to ocean back to land.

What is the easiest way to apply Salmon fertilizer?

The best way to apply Wild Salmon Fish Fertilizer is to mix about 1oz in a gallon of water, then pour it on your soil. Use it once per week for great results. During heaving blooming or fruiting, we recommend increasing the dosage to 2oz per gallon weekly.

What soil media can I use Wild Salmon in?

Definitely suitable for coco coir, peat, compost mixes, and other soil mixes. Be warned when you water it will absolutely smell a little bit like fish - but it's fantastic for microbial and root development, so your plants will love it. Probably not best for traditional hydro because we use super high-quality salmon emulsion which has a high oil content, so it could leave a film in a hydro system.

Is Wild Alaskan Salmon good for houseplants?

Absolutely, house plants love the amino acids, natural oils, and nutrients in Salmon -- But it stinks. And that's real. So be careful using it before you end up with a stinky fish house. We would recommend using it on houseplants and letting them rest in the garage or on the porch until any smell abates.

Worm Tea Concentrate

What's the difference between using Worm Team and actual worm castings?

Bloom City Worm Tea Concentrate is an ultra concentrate of the microbes that live in earthworm castings. It is meant to add billions of microbes immediately to your soil, which means your soil and your plant's roots will get more of the minerals that they need to thrive. We make Worm Tea in a temperature-controlled slow brew process that includes Organic Blackstrap Molasses, and Short and Long Chain Organic Acids. The result is a very rich microbial blend that's great for potted plants, to new compost in your garden, and even to starting your own compost bin. If you are using worm castings directly in soil that is also a great way to increase microbial activity over time, depending on your soil temperatures it takes a month to two months for the microbial populations to thrive. Many growers add a small amount of worm castings to their soil and also feed this concentrate to kick start their soil.

Can you use Worm Tea with Clean Kelp?

Absolutely, together they are a really great combo, hormones, and bacterial digestion. Check out Bloom City CleanKelp.

Can Worm Tea be used on things like fruits, veggies, and microgreens?

Yes, Worm Tea is safe to feed in the soil on all edible plants.

What media can you use Worm Tea in?

You can use Worm Tea in any media: peat, coco, coil, hydro, aeroponics.

How many square feet will one ounce of Worm Tea cover?

If you're adding Worm Tea to your feed water, then each ounce of concentrate makes 3-6 gallons of feed water. That's approximately enough for a 10x10 garden, you can feed every watering or you can reduce feedings to feed once to twice monthly.