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Master Class

The minerals and organic compounds your plants need to maximize productivity.

Plant Health Series | Bundle & save 10%

Your master plan. Bloom City’s Plant Health Series is full of nutrients and supplements for every use case. Plants need specific minerals and compounds to thrive, and the Plant Health Series focuses on plant roots, shoots, and leaves. These supplements are safe on all plants, and work great with the Bloom City Living Soil Series.

  • UltraPure Cal-Mag | Professional Grade
  • CleanKelp | Organic
  • Silica Boost | Growing Supplement
  • SuperGreen Foliar Spray | Organic
  • pH Up | Professional Grade
  • pH Down | Professional Grade

What To Know

  • Plan

    Your Master Plan

    The minerals and organic compounds your plants need to maximize growth

  • Strength

    Strength Trainer

    Increase plant size + weight and protect them from extreme conditions

  • Free Shipping

    Nutrition you can Trust

    Formulated by plant scientists in Seattle and made in the usa

How It Works


The master plan to provide the minerals and organic compounds your plants need to maximize growth, resilience and productivity. Pairs nicely with the Living Soil Series.

How much to use

Download the feedchart above for complete instructions or see quick guide below.

Where to use

Can be used on all plants and compatible with any soil and all growth mediums.

When to apply

Feed with every watering. Improves stalk and leaf growth andprevents common deficiencies.

Feed with every watering. CleanKelp improves root and stem growth, relieves heat and drought stress, and combats predators to ensure plants grow vigorously.

Feed with every watering. Silica Boost improves heat and drought tolerance, increases resistance to environmental and pathogen stressors, and improves water uptake in the root zone.

Spray once or twice weekly. Foliar Spray improves leaf and plant health and gives plants what they need to grow vigorously.

Adjust pH with every watering. Increases and decreases feed water pH to keep root systems and soil balanced.

Types of plants

Nutrition for all plants, including:
- Houseplants
- Greenhouse Plants
- Edible Plants (fruits and veggies)
- Trees
- Turf

Guaranteed analysis

Cal-Mag: NPK: 2 – 0 - 0
Silica Boost: NPK: 0-0-1
CleanKelp: Derived from: Organic Kelp Extract (Ascophyllum Nodosum, Ecklonia Maxima, Chlorella Vulgaris, Arthrospira Platensis, Palmaria Palmata, Laminaria Saccharina, Chondrus Crispus), Organic Citrus Acid.
Foliar Spray: Derived from: Magnesium Carbonate and Kelp Extract
pH Up: Potassium Hydroxide, Potassium Silicate, Potassium Carbonate.
pH Down: Phosphoric Acid, Citric Acid, Acetic Acid.

Product Feed Chart

Feed Chart

Download the feedchart above for complete instructions, or use this quick guide for referene.

What's Being Said

Cameron H.Ratings

"100% pleased with this series and highly recommend it now to my gardening friends! A miracle cure for struggling plants!condim"

Thomas S.Ratings

"I love the BloomCity line of supplements! My plants do great and it's a really great deal."

Jeff F.Ratings

"If it says Bloom City just buy it…your plants will thank you. Bloom City knows it’s stuff! Roots explode with growth. This stuff is the bees knees :)"

Chritian W.Ratings

"Ordered this and BOOM! Overnight my plants hopped right up! Easy to use, and the most affordable lineup I've ever bought."