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Lawn Kelp 3-in-1 | For Lush Organic Lawns

Build greener, stronger grass with Lawn Kelp's Organic 3-in-1 formula: Iron, Humic, and Seaweed. Create an outdoor space that's safe for family and pets.
  • ORGANIC and SAFE- All ingredients naturally sourced here in the US. Safe for pets and family directly after use.
  • 3-in-1 Formula - containing the proven trio of Kelp, Humic, and Iron
  • IRON - helps grass maintain a rich, green color year around, and helps controls moss
  • HUMIC - Promotes beneficial soil biodiversity, healthy soil, and grass rooting
  • SEAWEED - Kelp enhances plant and root growth and promotes seed germination
  • Works on all types of grass

What To Know

  • Organic

    100% Organic

    3-in-1 Formula - containing Kelp, Humic, and Iron

  • pure

    Pure and Sustainable

    Sustainable and natural sourcing preserves minerals and active components

  • Sea

    Natural Lawn Health

    Kelp naturally elevates lawn health and resilience

How It Works

How much to use

Lawn Kelp Organic 3-in-1 Formula for Greener, Stronger Grass with Iron, Humic, and Seaweed - Safe for Pets and Family.
1 Quart = 4,000+ sq. ft.
1 Gallon = 16,000+ sq. ft.
2.5 Gallons = 1+ acre
5 Gallons = 2+ acres!

How often to use

Lawns love Lawn Kelp at any frequency. We recommend anywhere from once a week to once a month

Can I use with other fertilizers?

Lawn Kelp’s organic 3-in-1 formula is safe to use with other fertilizers, and should not harm your grass, even when used in tandem!

Can I use on my garden?

Definitely! Lawn Kelp has a number of additional uses, including indoor plants, flowers, tomatoes, fruit, vegetables, citrus, trees, seedlings and even transplants!

Guaranteed analysis

3-in-1 Formula - containing the proven trio of Kelp, Humic, and Iron. NPK: 0.1 - 0 - 1

Bloom City Product Video

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Watch and learn about Lawn Kelp. Designed for greener, stronger grass with Iron, Humic, and Seaweed. Create an outdoor space that's safe for family and pets.

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Product Feed Chart

Feed Chart

Apply as needed or 2-4 times per month.
Best applied in the morning or evening to avoid the heat of the day.