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Casepack - Living Soil Shaker - 38 Count

Houseplants need rich soil, filled with microbes and organic nutrients. Living Soil regenerates your dirt right in the pot. It’s like probiotics for your plant.

  • Living Soil is a micronized organic nutrient paired with an array of probiotic microbes for healthy soil and healthy plants. Soil probiotics are essential to your houseplants ability to uptake minerals, microbes and plants have symbiotic relationships. 

  • The probiotic microbes in Living Soil replenish the life in your plants root zone and the organic nutrients are a great food source for the microbes and for your plants!

  • Over time the soil in your houseplant pots becomes less capable of providing your plant with what it needs to thrive. The nutrients in potting soil diminish and the soil microbiology slowly dies off, leaving your plants with not enough of the building blocks they need to thrive. Living Soil has the necessary components to start rebuilding the soil right in the pot.