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Casepack - Home Jungle Trio Kit - 10 Count

Home Jungle is the best way you can care for houseplants. Turn your home into an environment where your plants can naturally thrive. Simply shake, water and mist to nurture all aspects of your plant’s health from soil, roots and leaves.

  • So how does it work? First the soil. Plants need rich soil, filled with microbes and organic nutrients. Living Soil regenerates your dirt right in the pot. It’s like probiotics for your plant.

  • Next, Watering your plants is important, but plain water alone isn’t enough. Houseplant Superfood transforms your tap water, creating a nourishing meal for your entire plant.

  • Now, let’s talk about leaves. They absorb water and nutrients just like roots. Canopy Mist delivers a superfine spray of nutrients to boost metabolism, helping your plants grow healthy and strong.

  • Home Jungle is totally different. No harmful chemicals to burn your plants; safe to use around kids and pets; and effective for ALL houseplants. Even edible herbs.