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Casepack - Canopy Mist Foliar Spray - 31 Count

Leaves absorb water and nutrients just like roots. Canopy Mist delivers a superfine spray of nutrients to boost metabolism, helping your plants grow healthy and strong.

  • Canopy Mist is a ready-to-use foliar spray for plants. It provides essential amounts of plant nutrition and organic compounds from sea plant extracts.

  • In nature, plants absorb some nutrition through their leaves. Organic micro dusts and other minerals are absorbed through leaf tissue when it rains. Canopy mist is intended to help replicate nature within your own home.

  • It is made of a delicate balance of minerals as well as organic plant hormones from extracted sea plants. This helps improve your plants circulatory system and can increase the water flow vital for mineral uptake. The result is increased photosynthesis and resilience to stressors. It’s great to use weekly as a part of holistic plant care.