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Video, feedcharts & a special gift.

Bloom City Product Video

Tomato & Veggie: Video Guide

Organic Tomato and Veggie Plant Food for big, delicious tomatoes and vegetables. All Purpose Fertilizer for Perfect Veggies, Herbs, and Fruits Every time. Pet and kid friendly! Watch and learn more.

Product Feed Chart

Tomato & Veggie: Feeding Schedule

1. Mix 2oz Tomato & Veggie Plant Food per gallon 
of water.
2. Evenly water around base of plant. One quart is the perfect size for small gardens. One gallon great for medium gardens, and 2.5/5 Gallon perfect for large gardens.
Bloom City Product Video

Rose & Flower: Video Guide

Grow rich, vibrant flowers and prize winning blooms. Safe for kids and Pets. Organic Rose and Flower Food - gives your garden essential nutrients that feed roses and flowers of all types. Watch the video>

Product Feed Chart

Rose & Flower: Feeding Schedule

1. Mix 1 oz Rose and Flower Plant Food per gallon of water. (For heavy blooms use 2 oz per gallon). 2. Evenly water around base of plant and surrounding soil.