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Get Ready Checklist.

We want to make it dead-easy for anyone to grow cannabis.
Here's what you need to start using your Organic craft Grow Kit. 

Note: To learn even more about growing cannabis read our Craft Grower's Field Guide: What you need to know to homegrow. Get the guide for free.

1) Four 5 Gallon Pots

Get 5-Gallon Pots: These 5-Gallon smart pots provide excellent drainage and work perfectly with the Organic Craft Grow Kit.

2) Soil & Soiless Medium (2.5-3 cubic feet)

Get Potting Soil: Known as dirt, this includes potting soil, backyard soil, and heavily enriched soil blends. These are available at our local garden store.

Get Coco coir: Most pot growers use sterile soil-less media, so that they can control inputs and can get more consistent crops. The most popular soil in hydroponics is coconut coir, or the ground up husk of coconuts.

Get Peat: Another popular soil-less media include peat moss mixtures.

3) Get four plant "Starts" or "Clones" 

The easiest way to grow is to start with little pot plants. These plants are often referred to as “starts”, “sprouted cuttings” or “clones”. You'll want to get rooted plants that are about 6” tall. Make sure to find plants with a stable root base that are ready for the Grow Phase of your home grow. Here are some resources to find clones. 






Kind Meds also has some valuable information on AZ regs:

New Mexico




For the following states your best bet is craigslist: Massachusets, Rhode Island, Hawaii, Nevada, Montana.

IMPORTANT: Take care when transplanting clones & sprouted cuttings to your 5-gallon pots. Learn how.


Seeds & Cuttings

You can also grow plants from seed or cuttings. To learn more about growing cannabis from seed or cuttings read our Craft Grower Field Guide: What you need to know to homegrow. Get the guide for free at

Seeds: Essentialy fertilized eggs, holding the capability to grow new plants. Starting your crop from seed is an advanced method, but a great way to grow. Hightimes magazine provides some reputable places to purchase healthy seeds.

Cuttings: A piece of a mature plant that can be cloned to make a new plant. When done right, your cutting will grow roots and turn into a healthy small plant. You can purchase cuttings at the same places you buy clones. See the state-by-state list above.  


    Admittedly, we're partial. The Bloom City Organic Craft Grow Kit has everything you need to grow healthy pot plants & microbes (probiotic agents) to enable peak yields. 

    Organic Craft Grow Kit
    This is the complete kit for cannabis and vegetable home growers for the complete grow & bloom phase. We've formulated these organic nutrients to be easy to use, provide what your plants need to thrive, plus probiotic agents for peak yield.

    Soil Microbes
    Bloom City Craft Grow Kit includes the amazing Soil Boost formula designed to enrich your soil with an array of helpful microbes, like probiotics for your plants. And a lot of them, every milliliter of Boost has millions and millions of healthy bacteria.

    Supplements & Foliar Sprays

    While the Bloom City Craft Grow Kit has everything you need to grow healthy pot plants, sometimes your plants will have specific needs or grow too big and might need more fertilizer to keep them healthy. That is why Bloom City offers additional supplements that are great for keeping your plants growing vigorously. When supplements may help your grow, we’ll let you know as you read along.

    In addition to soil fertilizer, foliar fertilizer is a great way to keep plants growing fast and healthy. Some fertilizers work very well for foliar feeding, at Bloom City, these are the best for foliar feeding:

    Silica Boost
    Vital for healthy strong tissue to form, and it helps plants become resistant to stress like not enough water, too much water, or heat stress.

    Great solution to common growth deficiencies, and is very important in the transition from grow to bloom.

    Packed with organic amino acids and plant hormones from cold-pressed ocean plant extracts, great for general health upkeep and during times of stress.

    SuperSpray (coming soon)
    This is the ultimate foliar spray, built to help plants growth accelerate, spraying this on the leaves will cause roots to grow and leaves to become more healthy, packed with organic plant derived hormones, also great for times of stress!

    Plants not drinking water?
    If your plants aren’t drinking well and start to wilt or discolor, you can spray water on the leaves. It’s called foliar spraying, and it can be a great way to kick start water movement in a plant and it can also be a great way to introduce small amounts of nutrients. Try Bloom City SuperSpray (coming soon at, it’s a great foliar nutrient with organic hormones that will help tell a plant that it’s time to get growing.


    Bloom City Isopropyl Alcohol
    A strong and pure form of isopropyl alcohol designed to clean and disinfect surfaces, scissors and equipment so they can be used again and again without fear of contamination.

    Bloom City 35% Hydrogen Peroxide
    Professional Grade Hydrogen Peroxide will increase the oxygen levels in feed water to provide vital oxygen for root systems or just for general health. It can also be used as a powerful cleaning agent for antimicrobial and antifungal purposes.

    Indoor Growing Equipment

    Want to grow indoors? There are a few more pieces of equipment you will need to buy including lighting, timers and fans. These are well documented in our Craft Grower's Field Guide. Here are some excellent equipment choices. 

    Grow Lighting
    Grow Phase: (Blue lighting): MH (Metal Halide) lights are more blue in color, and that is because blue light is better for young veg plants in the grow phase.
    Bloom Phase: (Red lighting): HPS are a yellowish red color, and that is because plants bloom better under that “midsummer” red sun.

    Internal recirculation fans: these fans just move air inside of a grow room, a 10 to 16” wall mount fan works great for this.
    Input and output fans: these will bring fresh air in and take stale air out, they come in sizes from 4” in diameter to 14”.

    Fan Filter: Filters are great to attach to the outgoing air fan, this will keep the smell of your sweet buds from being blasted outside of your grow room. 

    Timers: Plug timers that you can plug fans and lights into that will regulate the “day” and “night” periods for your room.

    Temperature and Humidity Meter: A simple temperature and humidity meter can be purchased at amazon or your local hydroponics shop. 

    Optional Growing Equipment

    CO2 Tank and Regulator
    plants love CO2 and they use CO2 to make sugars that they use to grow, so you can supplement CO2 levels in your room to increase growth.

    Humidifier and Dehumidifier
    these are used to increase and decrease humidity, keeping your grow right in the perfect zone.

    Air Conditioning
    Your room can get too warm when lights are on and an air conditioner can help keep your plants in the right temperature zone. 

    Automated Room Controller
    This is a central controller that can control fans, lights, CO2, temperature, and humidity.

    Feed Water Meter
    Reads the pH, Temperature, and PPM (parts per million of liquid fertilizer) in your feed water.

    Power Cloner
    An effective way to grow roots in your cuttings when growing sprouted starts. 

    A Root Tray (to grow roots on clones)
    If you decide to use a root tray, you should dip the cuttings in CleanKelp to introduce rooting hormones to them, then put the cuttings in the root tray. They should be kept moist and should also follow the foliar schedule outlined in point 7 above.





    How to transplant your clones & rooted cuttings
    Once you have rooted cuttings, you’ll need to transplant them into your 5-gallon pots.  The transplant process is fairly straightforward. You will just need to use a little bit of care to help the plants survive well.

    1.     Prepare your soil, water, and vessels
    2.     Select a small cup, 3” diameter is a great size.  Keg cups are a good cheap option.    Make sure to cut little holes in the bottom to help the soil drain excess water
    3.     Pre-dampen the soil so it is lightly moist.
    4.     Make a small hole in the soil where the roots can drop into the soil.
    5.     Take rooted cutting and slowly lower it in.
    6.     Gently backfill the surrounding soil down on the cuttings’ rooted area, so that they are covered in soil.
    7.     Lightly water, those roots still need some oxygen, don’t water too much you don’t want to drown the roots
    8.     Foliar spray twice a day with pure water or a half-dose of SuperSpray
    9.     Keep light low for 3 to 4 days to help the plants adjust to their new medium before turning the lights up