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Organic Craft Grow Kit

A Complete Nutrient Kit for Homegrowers.

Everything you need for an amazing home garden. 

Two step system. One amazing crop.

We've formulated a premium organic system to provide what
your plants need to thrive plus probiotic agents for peak yield.
And it's super easy to use.



Week 1-8: Grow Nutrient System | 5-3-2 

Bloom City Grow formula is a blend of premium organic nutrients designed for early root establishment and sustained, lush growth. Bloom City Grow contains pure plant, farm and aquatic based ingredients that provide plants sustained vigorous root and canopy growth throughout the vegetative stage.

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Week 9-16: Bloom Nutrient System | 4-5-4

Our Bloom formula is a balanced source of  nutrients, precisely blended to provide nourishment for award-winning flowers with stunning aromas and colors. Bloom City Bloom is packed with exactly the right kinds of pure and bioavailable forms of nutrients that plants depend on to grow luscious flowers all throughout the bloom stage.

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How it works: Usage Instructions


Want to Grow 8 plants?

This kit also supports the complete growing cycle for 8 plants grown in 2-gallon pots
or in a garden bed. For 8 plant instructions, visit our instructions page.