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Lawn Life
User Guide

Video, feeding schedule & a special gift.

Bloom City Product Video

Video: New User Guide

Thicker, Greener, STRONGER Grass. Organic Lawn Life microbe and bacteria powder for stronger roots with Mycorrhizae. Safe for pets and family. Covers 3,000 sq. ft. For all types of grass. Watch and learn more>

Product Feed Chart

Feeding Schedule

Apply thoroughly once-a-month for best results.
We recommend pairing Lawn Life with other lawn fertilizers. It is a microbial inoculant which means it creates a healthier, more bio-available foundation for your lawn.
Lawn Life is an essential building block for proper uptake from your grass. Generally you can expect needed 20% less fertilizer when using Lawn Life because it helps increase fertilizer bio-availability. We recommend using Lawn Kelp in tandem!