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HjKit Instructions HjKit Instructions

Home Jungle
User Guide

Videos, feeding schedule and tips.

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Watch and learn all about Home Jungle.
Use the three-part nutrient system enables to grow beautiful houseplants. It is organic, safe for your home, and works with all houseplants.

Product Feed Chart

Feeding Schedule

When to use: Apply Home Jungle nutrients when you water. About once-a-week.

How much to use:
- Living Soil: 2-4 shakes per pot.
- Superfood: add 2 pumps per quart of feedwater, then water your plants.
- Canopy Mist: Lighly mist leaves with one pass of the superfine spray.

Watering tip: To avoid overwatering, only water plants when soil is dry. Poke your finger 2-3 inches into the soil to check for moisture.

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Home Jungle makes it easy to give your houseplants what they need to thrive. Browse our other houseplant products.