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Casepack - Silica

The strength trainer for your plants. Bloom City’s Silica Boost formulation delivers water-soluble silicon from potassium silicate directly to the plant’s roots. Improves heat and drought tolerance, increases resistance to environmental and pathogen stressors, and improves water uptake in the root zone.

  • Silica Boost builds strong plant cells and increases growth. Add Silica Boost to every watering to keep plants healthy.
  • Bloom City is better because other silicon supplement brands use unavailable forms of Silica which will sit locked-up in your root zone for weeks. Slow uptake means less effective results.
  • Bloom City’s proprietary 100% organic acid complexed Silica Boost increases bioactivation, which means much faster uptake times and stronger plants.
  • Made in America from the highest quality sources by a small team of passionate plant scientists.
  • Simple to use and produces amazing results.



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