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Professional Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Growing Supplement

Bloom City’s Hydrogen Peroxide formulation contains a strong and natural form of hydrogen peroxide. It will increase the oxygen levels in feed water to provide vital oxygen for root systems or just for general health. Hydrogen Peroxide is designed for use in hydroponic gardens as well as soil gardens. 

Other hydrogen peroxide brands use lower concentration formulas, which can break down in watering reservoirs. Bloom City’s Hydrogen Peroxide is strong and stable, which means your feed water will hold higher oxygen levels all the way into the root zone. Bring more predictability and consistency to your grow with our premium Hydrogen Peroxide formulation

Bloom City nutrient systems are an ultra-premium line designed for the craft grower. Our nutrients and supplements are simple to use and produce amazing results. Leave behind the confusing and dirty world of Big-Ag fertilizers and upgrade to Bloom City.

Bloom City’s products are made in America from the highest quality sources by a small team of passionate plant scientists. All our ingredients are better for plants, better for you, and better for the planet. Bloom City is simply the best choice for the conscientious grower.