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Canopy Mist

Essential plant nutrients in a superfine spray to boost metabolism and growth.

Canopy Mist
for all houseplants

Leaves absorb water and nutrients just like roots. Canopy Mist delivers a superfine spray of nutrients to boost metabolism, helping your plants grow healthy and strong.

  • Canopy Mist is a ready-to-use foliar spray for plants. It provides essential amounts of plant nutrition and organic compounds from sea plant extracts.

  • In nature, plants absorb some nutrition through their leaves. Organic micro dusts and other minerals are absorbed through leaf tissue when it rains. Canopy mist is intended to help replicate nature within your own home.

  • It is made of a delicate balance of minerals as well as organic plant hormones from extracted sea plants. This helps improve your plants circulatory system and can increase the water flow vital for mineral uptake. The result is increased photosynthesis and resilience to stressors. It’s great to use weekly as a part of holistic plant care.

What To Know

  • Feed your leaves

    Love your leaves

    Increase metabolism and circulation to encourage growth

  • Safe for Pets

    Safe for home & pets

    Non-toxic mist is gentle and impossible to over apply

  • 100% Organic

    100% organic

    Locally crafted from organic and sustainable ingredients

How It Works


Canopy Mist is a ready to spray foliar spray for plants. It provides ultrafine plant nutrition and organic compounds from sea plant extracts.

When to apply

Generally spraying once a week on the day that you water your plants is a good time to spray Canopy Mist.

How much to use

In general, a light mist is best. After spraying there should be little dew drops all over your plant, there is no need to saturate your plant until it is dripping.

Types of plants

Leaves absorb water and nutrients just like roots. Canopy Mist is safe on all plants.

Where to use

Spray the tops and bottoms of the leaves of your plant, it is not effective on flower tissue but is great on leaves and even stems.

Guaranteed analysis

Canopy Mist is made of all organic certified ingredients: Ascophyllum nodosum (seaweed extracts), plant extracts, citric acid (as a pH stabilizer).

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Give your plant's leaves the love they need.
Canopy Mist provides essential plant nutrients in a superfine spray to boost metabolism, increase circulation and promote growth.

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Product Feed Chart

Feed Chart

When to use: After you water your houseplants, lighly mist your plant's leaves with canopy mist.

How much to use: A single pass with the ultrafine mister applies just enough. A light mist on your leaves is plenty. In fact, less is more! It's organic, non-toxic and safe for indoor use.

Need a watering tip? To avoid overwatering your plants, only water when soil is dry. Poke your finger 2-3 inches into the soil to check for moisture.

What's Being Said

Urban Jungle BlogRatings

"Ideal for anyone, from beginner green thumbs to plant pros. Home Jungle recreates a plant’s natural environment right in its pot. Nourish houseplants year-round without the toxic chemicals found in traditional fertilizer. "


"This nutrition system is foolproof and chemical-free. It contributes to all aspects of healthy plant growth. All ingredients are naturally sourced and safe for home use."

Melissa @ "Look What Mom Found"Ratings

"The team of botanists and plant chemists at Bloom City have created a fundamentally better way to care for your plants. It's plant health without fertilizers. There's no synthetic or chemical materials. Safe around kids, pets and edible plants. "

The Daily RecordRatings

"Home Jungle is compact and convenient, designed to be used and stored inside the home. It provides a well-rounded, holistic treatment to give plants the happiest and healthiest life possible."